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MUST SEE: You can now disable iOS 10’s almost all annoying new feature… but I don’t wish to. Okay okay, so the phone’s most brought up feature is its not enough a 3. 5mm headphone jack, but that’s not a real “feature” per se. Instead, the upcoming new dual camera setup have The apple company fans buzzing and asking yourself how Apple might utilize the new configuration to further boost the iPhone camera experience. Apple’s iPhone lineup already has among the best smartphone cameras in the world, so we can’t wait to find out what Apple has upwards its sleeve. Here’s the leaked photograph from Weibo user KK - and also require recently given the world its first take a look at a working iPhone 7 - which exhibits a great view involving Apple’s new camera setup within the iPhone 7 Plus (or maybe iPhone 7 Pro, or whatever Apple results calling the phone): The same anonymous Weibo consumer also posted a video associated with an iPhone 7 mockup being compared to an iPhone 6s. The video, which was reposted in YouTube by 9to5Mac, shows a rose rare metal iPhone 7 model near to last year’s 4. 7-inch iPhone, which is also pictured inside rose gold. The video gives us a nice opportunity to view the subtle differences between your 6s and Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone 7. The new model certainly isn’t the whole visual redesign users were hoping for in 2016, but it’s hardly a new “boring” update, as we’ve discussed advertising nauseam.
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